Company Profile

A RAM Engenharia Ltda. is an engineering company dedicated to the development of Studies, Planning, Feasibility, Development Plans, "Business Plans", being one of the most expertise companies in Ports, Transports and Industrials Projects. Since 1985, RAM has developed several works in different kinf of areas, as presented below:

Data Specifications

Environmental Studies

Construction Management and Local Supervision

Budgets and Cost Control

Planning and Feasibility Studies

Conceptual, Basic and Detailed Designs

Road and rail designs

Industrial and Port Facility Projects

Material Handling Designs

Dredging Designs

Nautical Signs

Berthing and Mooring System

In order to develop its consulting services, the Company has a permanent staff of masters and senior engineers who, working as a team, cover the following engineering disciplines:

Architecture and Urbanism

Electrical and Instrumentation

Process Engineering

Geotechnics, Metal Structures
and Concrete

Coastal Engineering and

Hydraulic Studies

Equipment Mechanics and Material Handling